Santa Clarita Valley Cities Inventory pages for Residential Real Estate

by Connor T. MacIvor on April 21, 2012

For our Santa Clarita Real Estate sellers and the other “real estate interested”, we have just finished our Inventory Pages.  With the  current real estate market rendering the Supply and Demand changes and prices bring driven up as a result, we thought that it would be best to publish our interactive graphs.  So that is what we did on our mother real estate website showing the pages for each city in the SCV.

Below are the access points for the individual city inventory graphs.  You can click on each one of the links.

In case you are not initiated, all of these terms are macBoX capable.   Go to Paris911 dot com and type into the mac box the city name followed by the word

Santa Clarita realtors

“inventory”.  Without the quotes of course.  You will be able to view the independent inventory pages.  One of the Pluses on the pages as we have built them is that we also placed the Median Sales prices in the “small part of the graph”(at the bottom).  Examples:  Valencia Inventory – Stevenson Ranch inventory.  Etc….

The reason for these real estate data systems is to educate any of the Santa Clarita real estate sellers, that are wondering how supply and demand in the Santa Clarita Valley is impacting their home’s sale price, keep on top of the real estate market.


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