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Paris911 Housing Market Reports Condos and Townhomes

Evaluation Concept on Black with Golden Compass.The condo and town homes are selling throughout the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within the North end of the Greater Los Angeles City, known as the San Fernando Valley.
If you look at the local SCV – Santa Clarita Valley and the SFV – San Fernando Valley markets you will see a lot of similarities.
Both markets are slowing down as far as numbers of units being sold on a weekly and monthly basis.
You will also see that the Days on Market Times frames are increasing, with little exception.
The prices are also holding steady and have flattened out for most of the Condos and Town homes in the SCV and SFV.

Single Family residences in both the SCV and the SFV are also selling at a slower pace than excepted during this time of year.
While the Fall and Winter, historically, always have increased Days on market time frames, we did not expect to have real estate inventory that is not being replenished at the rate it is selling.
This has placed our local market in a bind with regard to the “move up” sellers.
In order for a person to want to sell their home, they need someplace to go. Without the “desired” home being on the market, there is no reason to sell.
Listing and Hoping is not the proper way to conduct one’s real estate endeavors. A written out plan is very important to those who have been considering selling a home and moving on.
Make sure you team up with us when you are ready to make any movements :) – (real estate movements, that is :) )

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do you need a Santa Clarita LawyerSo, your real estate agent has brought you an offer for the home they are selling.

Maybe they had the buyer all along.

Maybe the buyer only wants to work the listing agents of the homes they want to make offers on.

It could also be that the buyer came to your real estate agent from one of the online real estate syndication systems.

The question as to “where did the buyer come from” should be easily answered by your Realtor. Ask it!

After they tell you, now is the time to make your determination.

Are they offering close to your asking price?

Is your asking price at FMV, Fair Market Value, or higher?

Is their asking price at your bottom line that you revealed to your real estate representative?

What is their financing type?

Are they making an offer that has a loan that will not be allowed to finance the real estate your agent is selling?

What about their reserves?

Do they have enough to close escrow?

How long as your property been marketed?

Has it only been a few days and is the local real estate market in a buyers or seller realm?

You need to find out the answers to these questions before considering that your listing agent has the best offer.

Don’t be timid. Do all of your communication in email. If you have a conversation with your realtor, follow up the conversation with an email recap.

Reach out to my Paris911 Team to represent you and thanks for reading!

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