Then you have billboard advertising in Santa Clarita Valley

I remember back in the heyday of real estate, when we used to have one of the large billboards for advertising. It was very expensive and the ROI, return of investment was hard to quantify. I will tell you what it did – it gave our business name recognition amongst the masses when it came to real estate and when dealing with agents and realtors we did not know. It was like “auto identity” We would have a dealing with someone we did not know, and then they would say, “Hey, I saw your billboard..’ Yes, for the connections in business – it worked well. Today, with everything being online, and with us continuing to “tap out” than channel, print media, large scale advertising and more “traditional” methods of advertising are making a come back. We are currently in negotiations with one of the billboard companies in Santa Clarita Valley and look like we will be pulling the trigger on getting back on the “big scale” advertising scene again by the end of September 2015. Here are a couple of concept boards I came up with. With billboard advertising, Less is More. You don’t want to have any more than 6 total lines of text from top to bottom. You don’t want any confusion as to the what the text reads. You don’t want any of the items to be blurred and at the “visual snapshot profile” should be long enough to capture the entire meaning, while on the road, with one glance. Having a hot real estate partner does not hurt to have her on the sign. In... read more

What is your Valencia California home and real estate worth

When it comes to letting people know what their Valencia CA real estate and homes are worth, we have the hook up. One of the displeasures in my life, while being in real estate, is the fact there are a lot of games being played against clients online and off. You think you are going to get what your home in Valencia CA is worth, only to get spammed by a multitude of different real estate agents. They just received you as a “lead” from one of the online marketing systems, otherwise known as a real estate syndication website. Some of the local systems that give you what your home in Valencia is worth, can also be a bit misleading. That is why we “changed the game” and published informational postings such as this. A System that will give you what your home happens to be worth now. Our “What is my Valencia home worth” system also gives you intel as to what is currently listed and for sale on your exact street and in your Valencia neighborhood. It will also go as far as keeping you updated. Consider it as your Valencia CA home value monitoring system that derives its information directly from the source data. The Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service. This is something that every single home we sell to our real estate clientele is signed up for after they close escrow. They may not get the Valencia Market Reports each week – but they are getting them at least every month. Consider it like a bank statement showing your bank account and the activity... read more

Sell my Santa Clarita home fast

Almost every time we are contacted by a homeowner in Santa Clarita – Valencia California, they have the same request, Sell my Santa Clarita home fast. They usually don’t say it that way, they ask, “How fast can you sell my Santa Clarita Home?” To which I respond – as fast as possible. However, in order to do this, we must first take a Home Preparedness Inventory(HPI) We need to meet, sit down and establish some methods of operation. Some Guidance and “due diligence” Parameters will need to be established as well. These “rules” will allow us to move as fast as possible when it comes to selling your Santa Clarita – Valencia California Home. We will layout a proper timeline and the best methods to undertake in the preparation for having me sell your home. During the time of our meeting – most of the time the “meeting” will be held at your home – the home you are wanting to sell, I will carefully layout the steps that I will put into place to accomplish the goal of Selling your Home FAST and for the MOST $$$! In that way, I am able to size up your home, give you tips as what methods are going to be the best way to get it prepared, for the market, and establish the correct price to get the marketing started. Most of the local real estate agents rely too heavily on the Multiple Listing Service. You will see that is a GREAT system to use in the advertising of real estate, but the Multiple Listing Service(MLS) is not the “end... read more

Sincere Letter from Glob and Namaste to Bridgeport Residents

FYI – the names have been changed by yours truly! As you probably know, Paris and I live in Bridgeport of Valencia CA. We have been here since these we new homes and have moved a couple of times to various residences during our time Living in Bridgeport. Our kids went to Bridgeport Elementary School. They went onto Rio Norte Junior High and progressed to Valencia HS. We still have one that is at Rio Norte… We want to buy your home… We received a “sincere” letter from a couple named Persona and Personb(names have been changed because if they are willing to sacrifice their own morals – everyone is free game – Read On…) They wanted to let me know the following: “My fiance’ and I would have been leasing a condo on Channel Lane for over 2 years now and absolutely love living in Bridgeport. (I double checked the language – that is what was on the letter, not a typo…) We now are fortunate enough to be in a position where we are ready and able to buy our first home but have quickly realized how limited the inventory is. That being said, we took the initiative of driving through Bridgeport, street by street taking note of the addresses of the homes which we thought were truly exceptional and as it happens your house is one of them.” The letter continues for a few more paragraphs. “Contact us as we would be highly interested…” “We are more than ready to buy immediately…” “If you would feel more comfortable working with a realtor…” And so on..  The... read more

Requesting Feedback for our Santa Clarita real estate sellers

When you list your home for sale with our CA real estate team at REMAX of Valencia, we will be requesting something called “feedback requests”. This will come as part of our listing strategy in getting your home sold for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. While this is only one small component of what we do, it is quite valuable to our real estate sellers. Read: Other things we do to sell homes for Top Dollar! Some of the things we want our sellers to know that some agents don’t appreciate the value of providing their and their clients opinion of the home we have listed for sale. These are some of the reasons why an agent won’t respond to a feedback request : It maybe the agent showing the home does not take many real estate listings It could be that the agent that showed the home is new Or maybe the agent that showed the home works for a team as a buyer’s agent and not a listing agent Agent does not care about anyone but themselves Agent lacks the inexperience to give any “feedback” that would be valuable to a real estate seller Jealously Agents that of these types are not going to help anyone do anything and are typically shunned by their real estate peers. As you know, there are a few bad apples in every industry, real estate is no different. However, we have our ways to get feedback from those who fit the mold presented above. We reach out via email video, text messaging and by calling directly. Eventually,... read more

Santa Clarita real estate and housing update 2015.146

Today marks the one hundred and forty sixth show of this year and we have a doozie in store for you. You can tune in at our main Santa Clarita real estate website and check on the housing market statistics for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. We have each of the Santa Clarita Single Family Home market reports uploaded to this blog site below. Three items that we referenced within our Santa Clarita real estate market update show this am are the following. To search for all real estate listings online and doing so with not being scammed – we have that system front and center within our Santa Clarita and Greater LA Home Search The system derives all of it’s information directly from the Local Boards of Realtors. We have to be licensed real estate agents to access and publicize the real estate listings as timely as the system does. Those updates hit every 7 to 10 minutes! The second system we spoke about today has to do with the equity level of your Santa Clarita Valley or greater Los Angeles Home. This is the system that will give you what your Santa Clarita or Greater LA home is worth. It is not some type of computer program – it is a direct link to the Multiple Listing Service via our Paris911 Realtor Team. BTW – below is the third thing we spoke about – but we talked about it first – these are the latest in Santa Clarita housing market and real estate updates. Enjoy – they are below! Enjoy our Santa Clarita real estate updates –... read more

What is my Santa Clarita Valley home worth

What is my Santa Clarita Valley home worth. What a great question and an even better resource for the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles Areas. In order to give the best valuations regarding specific homes, you need to make sure you are getting the intel from those who are experienced and knowledgeable in the ART of Selling Homes. While this system, at the forefront is going to pull value for your Santa Clarita home from one of the online real estate algorithms – that is not the final value, pricing estimate or market price. The market price of your home will be completed by me – Yours Truly – Connor MacIvor with Remax of Santa Clarita. It will take me a couple of hours to really give you the actual value. That is because I must research the Multiple Listing Service – look at the buyer drive for the specific Santa Clarita Neighborhood and then gather other intel. Such as mello roos assessments, economic obsolescence or limited financing options. The information that you will be given is the “source data”. On the reports you will see what your home is worth and the other’s that you may be in competition with. We are REMAX of Santa Clarita’s paris911 team of realtors and we are proud to be of service. If you haven’t listened to our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio program, please do. You will find it housed at our main Santa Clarita housing website. Make sure you let me know via utilizing the email in the header of this blog, or the phone number right... read more

The newest 7 real estate listings in Valencia CA

When our buyers and sellers want intel reference to a Santa Clarita City specific search for Valencia CA – We have the resources they are looking for. This is an example, with true information, related to the City of Valencia CA. Each of these listings are currently active and on the market for sale. We have published the latest 7 real estate listings for Valencia CA on this page. Click through to see more and to conduct your very own map search. I’m Connor MacIvor, and I’m glad to be of service. We're sorry, but there’s nothing to display here; MLS data service is not activated for this... read more

Santa Clarita Home Staging and Buyer Impact for Real Estate

The National Association of Realtors gave us some really useful information that I wanted to pass onto our Santa Clarita real estate sellers about home staging. There are companies in Santa Clarita, some seemed to be owned by “silent partner” a realtor, which some may view as a conflict of interest. Charge + Commission – etc… There are other Home Staging Companies in Santa Clarita that are not owned by anyone, except the “home design and staging” experts! Have you ever walked into a New Santa Clarita Model home? They have spared no expense to make their model homes staged to the hilt! They are cozy, comfortable and smell like new cars. Re-sale Real Estate sellers may want to consider the premium that new homes bring to the “closing table” for the builders. There has been gobs of research about “reaction to staging” when it comes to buying real estate. Both the novice and savvy real estate buyer in any market will express a higher dollar value for a home that has been staged, even partially. So, what about the cost. When you are going to make an additional 5k more, as a staged real estate seller, wouldn’t 2k spent on staging be worth it? The kinds of Santa Clarita home staging companies I like are those that don’t collect their cost before the home sells. Now, that is standing behind their product. These types of home staging companies are rare – but, if I were a home stager, like becoming a Realtor, I would have about 6 months of reserves and offer this great service! Lorrie White –... read more

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