Pertaining to real estate and homes that are selling and other realty related issues, we’re still knee-deep in a sellers market.

Santa Clarita housing market update

We just completed our market Monday’s update. These reports cover all of the Santa Clarita Valley cities. They also include the most relevant real estate data.

You’re going to see days on market time frames. You’re going to see whether days on market time frames were increases or decreases.

The days on market timeframe would indicate the health of the local market and whether the advantage goes to the seller or whether the advantage goes to the buyer.

You’ll also see the median listing price. This is for single-family residences, condominiums, and townhomes that are within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

After you look at the median listing price, then you will also see the average price per square foot. The listing price per square foot number, is typically not used by most people purchasing or selling real estate.

However, there are a few, very savvy, investors, property owners, and buyers, out there using the price per square foot model when they are approaching procurement or the selling of residential real estate.

Something else that we talk about, within our market update Mondays for Santa Clarita real estate, is the market action index. The MAI, is one of those systems that shows us where the current market happens to be.

Has the pendulum swung all the way left into a sellers market or is the pendulum more towards the right, which would indicate a full on buyers market?

Whenever we look at real estate from the data mind, it does give our clients a bit of relief. The reason being is they know where that current market happens to be, and the best ways to attack it whether that means to sell or buy a home.

One of the other things we talked about on our market Monday’s update broadcast was our Mac box resource post in

Today we mentioned the words closing costs. How much are closing costs, what are they, Who pays them, and can we get the seller to pay the buyers closing costs.

Email question sent in, asking how do I buy a house? That is a question that takes about 45 minutes or an hour to answer.

So what we do to answer that question the best way possible, is meet directly with those people asking. And we do that via our crash course on real estate, that is held in our Remax offices.

Our offices are located at 25101 the old road, Santa Clarita Valley, California, 91381. You can also get on our main site, at, and punch in the words crash course in the Mac box at the top part of the screen.

Canyon Country real estate housing report

Stevenson Ranch Housing market reports

Acton CA housing market reports

Valencia CA housing market reports

Castaic Housing market reports

Newhall CA housing market reports

Santa Clarita housing market reports

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Santa Clarita realtors

Happy Birthday MOM!

Welcome to our daily report and Santa Clarita real estate radio show.

Today is our Market Mondays Broadcast which will give you the current housing information related to the real estate in and around the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

We break down our real estate shows into several different parts and they end up being approximately 10 minutes in duration due to their precision type laser focus on Housing :)

Housing News Segment

I want to get into the real estate news as it relates to and may have an impact on the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

The Santa Clarita Valley Cities are getting close to having a “normal” real estate market. Days on market timeframes are averaging 50 to 90 days on market. While that Days On Market Average is not great news for sellers, I must remind you that we are only in the early stages of the first quarter of 2015.

Things don’t really heat up Santa Clarita real estate until about March.  That is when we should see faster absorption rates and much more inventory, potentially turning this market back to a buyers market.

Another Newsworthy Item is the fact that most real estate buyers in the millennial category are not “shopping” for loans and mortgages.

Rates can vary and fee’s for loan origination can vary as well from lender to lender. Some of the lenders with Mortgage Brokers have access to “cheaper money” than do the Main Line Banks and visa versa.

It just depend on when you hit them up and what “specials” they are offering at the time.

However, just like if you were given some bad medical news, you want to make sure you get a second option.

What we do for our clients is take their lenders package and do a little shopping for the best rate, then make the introduction.

It seems to work for us – ask your Realtor about doing the same for you. While the “cheapest” is not always the best, at least you know if you are being taken for a ride or if you are being treated fairly.

Real Estate Questions by Email

Josh wrote in yesterday and wants to know what happens after his offer gets accepted.home questions by email

It’s all about timeframes at that point Josh!

How much time was your real estate agent able to negotiate for you to do your inspections, get a loan, and have the appraisal completed?

There are a few things that we instruct our clients to do just after entering escrow.

  • Deliver the Deposit Check to escrow, if it’s not being wired or delivered by another
  • Start interviewing home inspectors
  • Door knock the neighbors on either side, in back and in the front of your new home
  • Run the Megan’s Law Database to see what sexual predators maybe living around you
  • Call the Local Law Enforcement Office and ask them about what they think about the neighborhood you are moving to. Give them the exact address and ask if they’d live there. (this is sometimes better done in person – they will give you the truth – they have nothing to gain nor lose)

There are a lot of steps to the escrow process for a real estate buyer. See if your realtor has a crash course they offer on the home buying process.

It’s of great benefit for our clients and leaves them with being able to relax and not be surprised.

If you have a question you’d like answered by email – Please feel free to send an email to or click on the “shoot us an email” Tab at the Top of

Market Mondays SCV Radio Show

My team has been showing a lot of buyers that have been taking their time with regard to writing offers.

That is actually not a bad attitude, they see the market in somewhat of a paused state these days and don’t want to jump too fast!

This is indicated by our Market Reports – Here is an Example:

Valencia California Single Family Homes this week are carrying a median price of $550,000.

Valencia inventory has been lightning lately and the MAI, market action index, has been trending up. Though Days on Market are increasing, these are mildly positive indication for the Valencia housing market.

With regard to housing prices in valencia we see the market appearing to be hovering around this plateau. Look for a persistent change in the MAI before seeing prices deviate from these levels.

BTW – What is the MAI? – The market action index answers the question of “How’s the Market?” by measuring the current rate of sale versus the amount of inventory. An index in Valencia CA over 30 implies A Sellers Market and Below 30 would indicate it’s a Buyers real estate market.

Valencia CA and the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley have been above 30, in a sellers real estate market, for the last 22 months!

Large Chart

 Tip: Mobile Responsive Home Search

home search appsMost of the real estate searching world are all tied up with apps. You may have some on your phone or ipad. Maybe you have seen them online if you are not an “adopter” of technology?

I think apps are fine for facebook and twitter. Heck, I also enjoy our Time Warner alarm app and Netflix – they get used quite a bit.

But an app to search for homes and real estate?  I would rather go the route of “responsive” site that you can bookmark on your phone or tablet.

The search engine will adjust to your phone, android, tablet and iphone/ipad.

The system will also allow you to see what homes are for sale within a particular radius from where you are located.

Something else that you may find of interest is this home search never requires you to register to search.

No room is taken up on your phone by going directly to a URL to search for homes.

Without having to “register” your search habits will not be monitored.

The only reason to register is to have the newest listings that fit your criteria sent to you at the moment they hit the market for sale.

This responsive real estate search engine is owned by me and you will never be spammed nor have any of your personal information sold or traded!

It’s also a Direct MLS, multiple listing service, connected service!



And of course you will see all of the pretty photos and virtual tours.

As far as being updated – every 7 to 15 minutes, this system is having the new listings pushed to it.

Tomorrow on SCV Radio

Travel Tuesdays Broadcast, where I take you on a journey onto the online systems for various engines we have built for our clients to use for home search, valuation, and more.

Plus, we manage to talk about the local markets and how you can continue to keep your email inbox free from “realtor spam”.

Thanks for taking the time to read our show notes page and we will have the audio component of our show completed before 12p PST!

I’m Connor your host with REMAX of Valencia/REMAX of Santa Clarita, I’m glad to be of service.

TIP: To access the reports below you will have to click through twice!

Single Family Homes in CANYON COUNTRY

Single Family Homes in CASTAIC_91384

Single Family Homes in ACTON

Single Family Homes in VALENCIA

Condo and Townhome report for STEVENSON RANCH_91381

Condo and Townhome report for VALENCIA

Condo and Townhome report for SANTA CLARITA

Condo and Townhome report for NORTHRIDGE_91325

Condo and Townhome report for NEWHALL

Single Family Home Report for CASTAIC

Single Family Home Report for SYLMAR

Single Family Home Report for NEWHALL

Single Family Home Report for (saugus) SANTA CLARITA

Condo and Townhome Report for SYLMAR


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