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Click to listen to our Radio ShowPrices are depressing a bit

We have concluded the real estate market reports for the Santa Clarita Areas in which we serve our real estate clients.

You can see some beginnings in the “prices being reduced” category when it comes to Single Family Homes in three out of the four below cities.

We will be commenting more about this in the future when it comes to our Santa Clarita real estate radio show.

Castaic, Valencia and Canyon Country are all seeing slight depressions in sales prices. Stevenson Ranch is still in the process of flattening out with regard to the sales prices of Single family homes therein.

This weekend, I was showing a couple of our clients the homes in the 650-750k dollar range in Stevenson Ranch. We looked at homes that were around 2500 square feet. Most had some quite remarkable views and two others had those views and were located on cul de sac’s in Stevenson Ranch.

When approaching the real estate purchasing venue, make sure your realtors are truly giving you the right intel when it comes to evaluating real estate.

We will have to keep our eyes on the levels of real estate inventory, and watch how it develops over the next few months to see if the switch will take place from a real estate sellers market to a real estate buyers market.

Single Family Homes in Santa Clarita Areas

Townhomes and Condos in the Santa Clarita Areas

Castaic Single Family Home sales prices


Valencia Single Family Home Values and Prices Stevenson Ranch real estate prices Canyon Country CA real estate prices

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Showing real estate listingsShowing real estate listings to clients:

Whether you are buying a condo, townhome or single family residence, your real estate agent is going to have to make a call before you will be viewing the homes you selected or those they chose.

By call, I mean communicate with the listing agent in some way, shape or form!

Most homes that are for sale in any market are occupied. They may be occupied by the owner or they may be occupied by tenants.

Some homes are within gated communities and neighborhoods restrict the use of electronic key lock boxes, requiring the listing agent to be present when the property is being shown, gate code combos, or other “special” admittance requirements.

The easiest to show real estate listings are those that are vacant, “have keybox, go direct!”, is the verbiage within the showing instructions on the Multiple Listing Service. However, those too have to be checked before heading out by your Realtor!

Active does not always mean “active”

In the multiple listing service, we have several different statuses pertaining to real estate listings, before they are sold, having to do with availability.

Active – ready to go, no offers have been signed off. There remains a chance of a buyer viewing, being able to write an offer, and have that offer presented and considered by the seller(s).

Of course, a home in this status can have received other offers.  In fact, that is why a Top Agent will call and speak directly with the agent to deduce such intel, and more.

Back up – Contract signed, but “someone” wants additional offers. I put “someone” in quotes, because most agents don’t use the back up status because they want additional offers or even additional viewings of the property.

They use it because on most of those “goliath” real estate websites, “back up shows as active”.  So those listings that are put in that status still  generate leads for the listing agent. Another important reason for a phone call by your Realtor to ascertain the sellers intention.

Pending – No More Showings, In contract and happy. There is not much gray space with this status. Pretty cut and dry, the seller does not want any more showings, no more offers, they think the offer(s) they have received, and the one they have signed off on, will make it to the “sold finish line”.

Hold Do Not Show – Drive By Only – Do not Contact Occupants

Sometimes there is a falling out between a real estate agent and their home seller. Sometimes the breakdown comes within a family. There are many reasons for a property to be in the “hold do not show” status. Your agent will call to find out.

Drive by Only and Do Not Contact - Someone wants to sell their home but does not want to or is unable to show it.  It could be that the home is tenant occupied and the seller has not advised them they are selling.

It could be the tenants in the home are being evicted.

Maybe the home is being sold short and the sellers are using the short sale to drag it on so they don’t have to move for a longer period of time.

There are many reasons, that is why it’s important for your realtor to make the calls.

Appointment Only ShowingsTime to show a real estate listing

24 hours notice, appointment with the agent, call a showing company

Sometimes sellers want notice. Sometimes it is only hours, but sometimes they want to schedule appointments.

However, their agent should have advised them that most agents show multiple real estate listings to the clients during their appointments. Therefore, they should be flexible with the “period of time” allowed for the appointment being set.

Such as between 1 and 2 or between 2 and 3, etc.

Some sellers will not allow the home to be shown without their Realtor Present. This is difficult to schedule to say the least, especially if their real estate agent is busy.

Calling a third party to schedule the appointment:  This one is a thorn in my side and in the side of other Top Listing Agents. Because these “third party” showing scheduling companies have sprung up and a few agents are using them.

There is a toll free number that is placed to call on the MLS. The listing agent does not want buyers agent to call them for information before the showing takes place, but to only call the showing company to schedule the appointment.

The showing company has to call the agent or the seller to set up the showing. Sometimes the agent or seller are not in. The showing company says they will call the agent wanting to show back or send an email.

Sometimes that email never arrives. Calling back the showing company does not help anything, for they tell you that you have already called and they will “let you know”.

However, the critical part that has been neglected is that “conversation” that should happen between the listing agent and the buyers agent.

I opine using one of those “showing companies”, as being neglectful to the real estate sellers, agents are more reluctant to show those types of listings.

Example:  I called per the instructions, I left my information and the showing company said they would call me back.

I did not hear back, so I called again the next day, they said, “Oh, your appointment had been set, did you not receive the email advising you of being able to show the property?” – I had not and I told them that.

A few seconds later, the email was resent and I had it now because they resent it.

I called the agent, they were very curt – apparently hating to answer questions about their real estate listings…

The junior partner told me they had an accepted offer on the home I had been scheduled to show on the following day(tomorrow).

I said, “I just got off of the phone with the showing company and that they confirmed me showing tomorrow, with no intel/information about the property being off of the market!”

He said, “I don’t know what to tell ya, do you have any more questions?”

Make sure your real estate agent communicates with you the “facts” about showing real estate so you are not sitting wondering “what is taking so long and why does it appear so complicated to show us a few homes” :)

Your Realtor has got to make the calls!

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