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Sounds like an alarm system. However, this is far from being an alarm system.

Maybe it can be considered your “alarm” as to what is occurring in your specific neighborhood and on your own block.

It is something that we can sign you up for or you can do it yourself.

To sign up yourself for Residential Value Monitoring – click here.

All we need is your address and we will take care of the rest asap.

But, because we are permission based realtors, we don’t just sign up anyone for this system.

It is 100% spam free, guaranteed.

The only person that will see your name, address etc, is me – Connor T. MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia’s Paris911 Team.

You will not be contacted in the future by my team or I. We will wait for you to do that, when you are ready.

This system will show you homes that are for sale without signs. It will show you the list price to sales price ratio, in your neighborhood. It will also show you any distressed real estate listings that enter the market for sale on your street and in your specific community. You will also see if your neighbors were being truthful about the price their home “really” sold for!

It’s FREE – It’s easy and it comes to you, like a bank statement, once a month by email.

Let me know if you are interested. I use it for the real estate I own myself and I love it because I know where my current home values are without having to purposefully look.


Google Plus Exposure for Sellers

When it comes to real estate, the BEST Santa Clarita Realtors know their way around Social Media. Having over half a million views on our Google Plus Page, can you imagine how many we have on Facebook?

This is where we network with other realtors and exchange our pre market listings. The better dug in your real estate agent, the more advantage you are going to have when it comes to finding the “perfect” home.

Most of the top Santa Clarita Realtors also attend multiple ‘in person’ networking meetings. This is where we hug, handshake and fist(not that type :) ), each other and exchange our latest listings, P 2 P – Person to person.

You would be surprised to find out there are only about a dozen Top Santa Clarita Realtors that have over 65% of the local real estate business.

The rest of the local realtors in the SCV take up the remainder of those wanting to sell and buy real estate, locally.

Ask the agent you are going to hire, where are they appearing online? Ask them what social networking groups they are members of and have them show you some stats. Facebook is great for networking, but Google Plus is the true business forum where we have had over Half a Million views to our brand. That is the brand that is going to sell your home or represent you as a real estate buyer.

Our Paris911 Radio Show gets thousands of listens over it’s lifetime. A typical SCVRE Radio Show’s lifespan is about two months. People go back onto BTR, Blog Talk Radio, and listen to multiple shows per day. The gain access via iTunes and Stitcher Radio, where the SCV Real Estate Team of Paris911 is syndicated.

Be safe – search well and let my REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor Team know when you are ready to move and we will do just that, move you!


Flat real estate markets have their place too

April 14, 2014

In the Santa Clarita Valley cities, we are experiencing a flat price trend for almost all of the Santa Clarita Valley cities. Which means that buyers are not moving as fast as the real estate sellers would like. We see that our prices in the SCV cities, better than declining, are sitting steady.  Of course, […]

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What is the difference between a sellers and a buyers real estate market

April 10, 2014

Single Family Homes in Valencia and SCV reports During our latest Real estate market updates for the Valencia and Santa Clarita Valley cities, we have found that the issues related to inventory are still coming to the surface from time to time. There is being just enough inventory added, that is priced right, in […]

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The world is flat, or at least the Santa Clarita real estate market is

March 31, 2014

Just to bring you up to speed, the Santa Clarita Valley consists of 7 Cities. Acton Canyon Country Newhall Castaic Stevenson Ranch Valencia Saugus You can also throw Agua Dulce and Santa Clarita into the mix as well – but typically the cities referenced when talking about Santa Clarita Valley California, are the bulleted ones. […]

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Cheap real estate services in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities

March 29, 2014

Sometimes the only thing a person can do is go and hire less than the best. My dad used to say that he was too poor to buy cheap things. I suppose that also applied to the service providers that he hired when I was young. When wanting to hire someone that “knows”, like a […]

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A cooling real estate market with prices at all time highs

March 24, 2014

Here is the link to the condo and townhome report. Acton Single Family Market The median list price in ACTON, CA 93510 this week is $540,000. The 37 properties have been on the market for an average of 100 days. Inventory is up, and Market Action is trending down recently. While days- on-market appears to […]

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Condo and Townhome reports for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities

March 24, 2014

Single Family Residences Housing Market Report – click here. The Paris911 Team has just conclude our real estate market reports for both the Single Family Homes and the condos and town homes in our Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Canyon Country Condos and Town Homes The median list price in CANYON COUNTRY, CA this week is […]

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The real estate sellers are still controlling the housing ball and buyers want it back

March 17, 2014

We have just completed our Housing Market Reports and are happy to report that we are continuing our journey to a healthy real estate market in the Greater Los Angeles areas and within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. For the Condo/Townhome reports click here We have touched on several points within our SCV Housing Market […]

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The Flat Trends are showing themselves in the Santa Clarita Condo sales

March 17, 2014

Here is the intel as it relates to the Condo and Townhome markets in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. The PDF’s with the graphical representations of the below Data can be obtained by clicking on each of the links preceding the specific Condo and town-home data that The Paris911 Team at REMAX has generated and […]

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If you are selling your home make yourselves absent

March 14, 2014

When we have buyers of real estate venturing out with us and into open houses and other types of real estate for sale, and find the seller at home, it is weird. Not weird from the vantage point that we are going to be jumping on their beds. But strange because it’s hard to talk […]

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More real estate inventory cometh to the Santa Clarita Valley

March 10, 2014

Santa Clarita real estate housing market update by The Paris911 Team from Connor MacIvor The local markets are showing some signs of stress with regard to listing prices and the prices of the sold homes. If you look at the recent track records for the sold real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley, contained on […]

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